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Black Diamond launches spring season of BDTV

Black Diamond launches spring season of BDTV

Black Diamond Equipment has announced its spring edition of its online film series BDTV dedicated to sharing stories from the soul of climbing and backcountry skiing.

BDTV’s second season continues with three new episode: Sharing the Line, The Width of Life and The Master of Moves. The three stories include a Black Diamond Global Athlete faced with the hardest alpine multi-pitches in the world, to an ambassador revisiting a community to pay homage to a climber and author.

BDTV’s season two episodes will launch 12th April, 3rd May and 24th May respectively.

Black Diamond launches spring season of BDTV

Sharing the Line

Released: 12th April

For Black Diamond Global Athlete Babsi Zangerl, climbing the intimidating Bellavista, one of the hardest alpine multi-pitches in the world at 8c, wasn’t about conquering the route’s huge roof. As Babsi climbed upwards, trusting rusty pitons and terrible rock, she and her partner, Ambassador Jacopo Larcher, depended totally upon each other. “The most important thing is not standing on the summit…probably the most important thing for me is to share these experiences with somebody.” Watch it here.

The Width of Life

Released: 3rd May

Climber and author Dave Pegg was a fixture in his climbing community of Rifle, Colorado, a man remembered for what he gave to others. With his passing, many of his projects were left unfinished, some of them still partially bolted dreams. Now, Black Diamond Ambassador Dan Mirsky returns to the Western Slope, learning how to bolt and clean, hoping to finish and climb a striking line, paying homage to the man who lived a life of width. Watch it here.

The Master of Moves

In the forests of Fontainebleau, the boulders hold some of the most astounding shapes in the world, inspiration to artists and climbers alike. World Cup route setter Jacky Godoffe has been climbing there for decades. And for Jacky, this expression, and sharing it with others, is his happiness. Watch it here.


Following the premier of the first episode of season two, the BDTV spring 2016 film tour will kick off at retail store Balmelli in Basel, with a screening of all three episodes accompanied by a slideshow by a Black Diamond athlete. Following this, the tour will visit the following retail locations in Europe: Balmelli (Zurich, CH), Bächli (Zurich, CH), Bächli (Basel, CH), O’Block (Bern, CH), Addnature (Stockholm, SE), Terre de Montagne (Ville-la-Grand, FR), Sportsnett (Oslo, NO), Expé (Lyon, FR), Vertic Outdoor (Barcelona, ES), On Sight (Stams, AT)  and finishing at Naturzeit (Ludwigsburg, DE).