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Finding Your Own Place

Finding Your Own Place
‘Trust yourself! Listen to that inner voice! She knows what she wants. Sometimes the expectations of society cause us to silence our inner guidance, but our intuition and natural instincts are the best guides we have and we need to honour them more – even if it sets us apart from the norm.’ – Kimi Werner

Kimi Werner is a professional freediver and one of the most decorated spearfishers in the world. She has dived all five of the planet’s oceans and is able to dive deeper than 150ft on a single breath – which she is able to hold for almost five minutes.

Oliver Würffell, in partnership with ‘She’s Mercedes’, met the perennial globetrotter in Oahu, Hawaii and followed her on a short but emotional journey towards herself. During this time, the former U.S. national spearfishing champion unveiled the process of following her own expectations and listening to her inner voice in a world of competitions, and managed to find the sense of belonging she had been missing for so long – one that she could only find within herself.

Finding Your Own Place Finding Your Own Place

Oliver Würffell, Director of the film, explains that Kimi’s life is one of a kind and her story must be told. ‘I wanted to create an inspiring film that sets the focus on Kimi’s life – with all its ups and downs – underlined by her inner voice delivering strong statements in a subtle and honest way. We paired her words with cinematic imagery that we created above and below water. I hope the result is a powerful portrait about a strong woman in a visually stunning fashion.’

Kimi Werner was featured in Sidetracked Volume Eight. Find out more about her and her work at or follow her on Instagram @kimi_swimmy.

Oliver Würffell’s love for filmmaking hasn’t changed since he first picked up his parents’ camcorder. From then on he knew he would be a storyteller.
Instagram: @wrffll

Photography by Perrin James
Instagram: @perrinjames1




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