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Treasure Island

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Treasure Island

Last September, James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini went to Japan to meet with the legendary Yuji Hirayama. Yuji had told them about a secret: the virgin granite walls of Kinkasan, the sacred island, home to an 800-year-old Shinto temple. Finding more than just new lines, they discovered an island still trying to recover from the 2011 earthquake and resulting tsunami that decimated not just the landscape but the economy as well.

Joining them on the island is Toru Nakajima, a young climber with a history of crushing hard British trad, and between them they explore the bouldering and trad potential, putting up a range of new lines from HVS to E7 – all on pristine, unclimbed rock.

Treasure Island
“We wanted to get to know more about this unique country and its balance between tradition and modernity, and we wanted to climb. Climb the granite walls that rise up from the sea and surround the entire island.” – Caroline Ciavaldini

Kinkasan is an unknown island no more. It offers new trad and bouldering opportunities for those looking for an unusual and adventurous destination.


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