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Woodland Connections

Woodland Connections

In a small woodland in the Sussex countryside, curious souls Andrew Groves and Emma Hughes seek to know more about their surroundings. Nature is the vehicle of their curiosity, their canvas for ideas and their inspiration for Miscellaneous Adventures – a project that promotes the coexistence of creativity with outdoor living and the production of hand-crafted wooden objects.

Miscellaneous Adventures turns curiosity into positive action, selflessly sharing their quest for knowledge with others in the woodland workshops they run, inspiring reconnection with nature through creative practices and craft.

By slowing down and taking the time to learn about the wildlife around them they have discovered the important lessons nature can teach. By actively asking questions they have deepened their knowledge of the planet and have enriched their lives – and the lives of others.

‘I’ll spend a couple of hours outside just making one thing and in that short amount of time nature happens around you, you get to see things if you’re static in nature.’ – Andrew Groves
Woodland Connections

Founder of Millican, Jorrit Jorritsma, said: ‘At Millican we are curious about our planet and the creative ways people are acting to inspire positive change. Miscellaneous Adventures looks at the world with a certain curiosity that is found when you slow down and engage with your surroundings. They have found a connection between their creative output and a well-balanced outdoor lifestyle, and they actively encourage others to do the same.’

Millican has collaborated with Miscellaneous Adventures for their latest ‘Blank Canvas Pack’. The pack has been adapted to carry the tools of the curious craftsman. Compression straps are provided for external load carrying (or strapping your axe to the side). The fabric itself is made from 40 recycled plastic bottles and is fully waterproof. Other features include an external hidden, padded and waterproof laptop sleeve (up to 15”) to keep your digital life protected. A small external zipped pocket and internal organisation pockets add organisation and ease of access to tools.

Andrew Groves of Miscellaneous Adventures said: ‘A lot of outdoor stuff is very goal orientated so even if it’s hiking in the mountains it’s about getting to a certain height at a certain time without paying attention to the little things you see along the way. This has forced us to pay more attention and spend time out in nature, but making sure to do things slowly.’

Woodland Connections
The 18-litre Miscellaneous Pack is available from
It measures 50cm x 28cm x 15cm, weighs 650g and costs £85.
Miscellaneous Adventures can be found at