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Hazel and Steve Findlay

We were asked ‘If it was the end of the world, what would make your bucket list?’ In return we found a story that shows if you learn to live life to the fullest, you don’t need one.

Working with one of the world’s top female climbers, Hazel Findlay, and her father Steve, Cut Media have produced an inspirational portrait around their unique ‘live for today’ approach to life. The film was shot in both Norway and Steve’s home in Australia and inspired by the Sky1 series You, Me & The Apocalypse.

‘To me an adventure is, an activity or a project with, no known outcome, and you put yourself in a position where you have to use your arts, skills and abilities to deal with whatever comes at you.’ – Steve Findlay


‘Humans were never meant to be safe all of the time. We’re an adventurous species, and you know maybe risky, adventurous activities like climbing are just a hang-on from our dim and distant pass where life wasn’t quite as safe. Maybe life is not meant to be safe nowadays.’

‘I’ve never had a bucket list really. When I do something, I just go and try. And Hazel is learning that too. She can invent her own adventures and she can follow her own dreams.’


‘Life’s too short to sit on the sofa and talk about doing stuff. If you really want to do something – you just have to go and do it.’ – Hazel Findlay

A Film by Cut Media
Director: Stu Thomson
Climbing Filmmaker: Chris Prescott
Second Camera Unit: Scott Marshall

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