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A Note On Sidetracked Reviews

The subject of “Reviews” sparks no end of opinionated debate – some rational and reasoned, some not so much.

So, a note on reviews – they are our opinions alone based on our observations, our experience and the use we have put the kit to. You, the reader, will have determined by now if you trust us to give you unbiased advice. In reality, only hindsight will truly tell you whether a particular piece of clothing, equipment or kit will fulfill the task you have set aside for it. We’ll tell you what we did with ours, how it reacted and how it compares to other kit we’ve used for the same purpose. It’s then up to you to weigh that against what you think of our views, and determine whether you want to part with your hard-earned cash as a result.

All our Reviews are continuous, fluid documents. We update them as we use the kit we are reviewing and, as a consequence, they may be mentioned or referenced on numerous occasions. We may change our opinions, or endorse them, but what you can be sure of is that both Sidetracked, and the reviews we provide, are independent.