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Introducing Slipstream

Introducing Slipstream

There’s a growing appetite for adventure films that inspire and better connect viewers with nature and the outdoor pursuits. Realising this, a group of Vancouver creatives chose to combine there collective 23 years of experience in the video world with their love for the outdoors, and have created a new service called Slipstream.

Launched earlier this year, Slipstream focuses on story driven, narrative films that motivate us all to get out to explore these spaces that now more than ever are at risk. Led by Keegan McColl (Reelhouse co-creator), the service offers a Netflix style approach but will offer around 300 adventure-themed movies to choose from.

For a monthly fee ($4.99) you can sit back and browse through a carefully categorised and curated selection of short inspiration films through to full-length festival-winning feature films. In addition, Slipstream has teamed up with Hazel Findlay, Semi Rad, Seb Montaz, and Xavier de le Rue (and more) to produce custom playlists highlighting some of their favourite films on offer.

And via Sidetracked you can try Slipstream for yourself with a 5 week free trial. Enter the code SIDETRACKED to start*.

Introducing Slipstream

We think the best thing about Slipstream is that they put filmmakers first, allocating 70% of all monthly revenues to content creators to enable and facilitate film-makers to continue to produce more inspiring content showcasing surfing, snow sports, rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking… the list goes on.

Get started with Slipstream with a 5 week free trial. Enter the code SIDETRACKED to start*.


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