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Sidetracked is a tri-annual Adventure Travel Magazine and online journal featuring a collection of personal stories of adventure travel, exploration, journeys and expeditions. The concept is simple: to capture the emotion and experience of adventures and expeditions throughout the world… and to inspire.

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The Sidetracked Team

John Summerton

Founder, Chief Editor, Designer and Producer

John is a web designer based in Worcester, UK. John has always had a love for adventure and, after years of backpacking and travel, he can now normally be found somewhere outdoors with his wife and two children. His favourite places are up in the mountains of Wales or sitting by a campfire in the middle of the countryside.

John decided to combine his fascination for adventure and exploration with his love of good design, typography and photography to create Sidetracked. “Adventure doesn’t have to be in huge mountains or the bottom of the ocean and can be a simple encounter with life outside your comfort zones – the stories in Sidetracked will encompass all, and cover the globe by various means”.

T: @John_Summerton

Andrew Mazibrada


Andrew Mazibrada is an adventure travel and outdoor writer and photographer. He is a member of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild. Seduced by the freedom of independent travel and the wilderness beyond his day to day existence, he has been hillwalking and ultralight hiking in the United Kingdom and Europe (and Scandinavia in particular) for years and recently began to move towards mountaineering and alpinism. His backpacking has taken him into South East Asia, New Zealand, the US and Canada, India and Nepal – he thinks it will never be far enough. His credits include TGO, Trek and Mountain, Adventure Travel, Outdoor Adventure Guide, Scotland Outdoors and MMM. He also works with outdoor companies writing copy. He is, at any given moment, working on a guidebook or three, usually in the Alps or Scandinavia, two of his favourite mountain areas. His blog can be found at

T: @JourneymanTrav

Martin Hartley

Director of Photography

One of the world’s leading expedition and adventure travel photographers, Martin Hartley specialises in documenting the most inaccessible places on earth. He has documented many unique polar assignments and is one of the only professional photographers to have crossed the Arctic Ocean on foot and with dogs. His work has been published worldwide in international press and and photographic, travel and adventure magazines, and he has the rare distinction of commissions for National Geographic publications under his belt – in addition to Sidetracked of course.

T: @MartinRHartley

Tom Hill

Contributing Editor

Documenting his relationship with the landscape and the emotions this elicits, Tom loves telling stories. Whether it be running, riding or simply sitting still. From the other side of the world to the remotest reaches of Scotland, or his local woods, Tom seeks adventure – and more importantly, fun – wherever the may be. An occasional endurance racer, he is perhaps most content when exploring his own physical and mental capabilities while indulging in play in the outdoors.

In addition to his work for Sidetracked, Tom is regular contributing writer, editor and photographer for Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine and cyclocross publication, as well as copywriting for a number of outdoor brands.

T: @24Tom
I: @24Tom

Kieran Creevy

Contributing Editor

Kieran is a freelance contributing editor for Sidetracked Magazine, having started off with an outdoor cooking pitch three years ago. Over the past few years he’s also produced gourmet outdoor recipes for a number of print and online magazines including, Ripcord Adventure Journal, Garden Heaven and the Irish Independent Weekend supplement.

T: @kierancreevy
I: @kierancreevy

Suzy Bennett

Contributing Editor

Suzy Bennett is an award-winning travel journalist, editor and photographer. Her clients include The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Time Out, Marie Claire, Wanderlust, Time, Sky News and the BBC. Suzy specialises in active and adventure travel stories. Her assignments have seen her scuba-diving World War One shipwrecks in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, swimming around the Scilly Isles in Cornwall, hiking to little-known tribes in Papua New Guinea and gorilla-trekking in Rwanda.

Suzy is a keen hiker, swimmer, snowboarder, horse rider and cyclist, and is a PADI-qualified scuba-diving instructor. She is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and lives in Hackney, London.

T: @RoamingSooze

Alex Roddie

Sub Editor

Alex Roddie is a writer, editor, and outdoor enthusiast. In his spare time he enjoys mountaineering and backpacking – passions that drove him to move to Glen Coe, Scotland, in 2008. He spent several years climbing in the mountains of Lochaber, including a few new routes in the low grades. Since leaving Scotland he has focused on backpacking and exploring wild places.

As a writer, Alex is fascinated by the pioneering history of mountaineering in Britain and Europe. He published his first historical novel, “The Only Genuine Jones”, in 2012. It was followed by TGO Award-shortlisted “The Atholl Expedition” in 2013. He also writes outdoor articles for a variety of publications.

In 2014, after a couple of years of part-time editorial experience, Alex quit his day job and established Pinnacle Editorial. He currently offers editorial services for independent authors and is proud to count outdoor writers Keith Foskett, Mark Horrell, and John Burns amongst his clients.

T: @alex_roddie

Sarah Little

Projects and Communications Manager

Sarah is Adventure Projects Manager and Development AP at Captive Minds and an early life of camping and travel has left her with an insatiable lust for backpack exploring. In 2016 that drive to explore and meet new people saw her spend five months hitchhiking all 48 mainland US states, without spending a single cent along the way. When she’s not travelling, she’s reading and writing as often as possible and you can read her pieces on the Huffington Post blog, and her own travel blog:

T: @SarahSmall
I: @SarahSmall
L: /sarah-little

Pearl Phelan

Assistant Photo Editor

Pearl Phelan is a photo editor and photographer from Dublin, now living in Bristol, and lived in Sydney in-between. She is inspired by helping photographers to organise, publish and promote their work. Always interested in painting with light, documenting life and telling stories, she has a wealth of experience in making, buying and selling pictures as a photographer, editor and agent.

Interested in adventure, sustainability, needlecraft and all things vintage, Pearl is happiest in the west of Ireland.

T: @Miss_Pearl_P
I: @Miss_Pearl_P
L: pearlphelan

Eddy Edwards

Senior Developer

James ‘Eddy’ Edwards is a pool hustler, volleyball fanatic, BBQ lover and a passionate web developer who has worked alongside John on many projects and he is responsible for turning the Sidetracked pixels into code. You can find him on twitter at @edoverheels


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Jupiter’s Travellers are people who seek to understand the beauties, mysteries and tragedies of our world, and their place in it, through personal adventure. Sidetracked, as media partner, will be sharing some of these journeys and stories.


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