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Contribution Guidelines

Please email your proposal or idea to [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Sidetracked! We are all about sharing emotive, intoxicating adventures through gripping stories, breathtaking photography and awe-inspiring video. A foundation for those seeking adventure or wanting to immerse themselves in the adventures of others to be inspired and captivated. We want the way these stories are presented to be beautiful, timeless and welcoming. Settle down with a brew, kick back and lose yourself in what the world has to offer.

What Kind of Proposal Is Sidetracked Looking For?

We continue to receive stories from all corners of the world and from all sorts of people. It’s what makes the adventure community so amazing. Keep them coming! If you have a story, or have heard of an amazing journey or adventure that you feel isn’t getting the exposure it deserves, then please get in touch. We want to make sure people are inspired. And you might just have what we need! We are looking for stories which have a provocative theme or angle – a fresh take on the world of adventure; interesting people doing interesting things. Our stories must have something special and emotional to captivate our readers – they are not trip reports or destination reviews. They need to be more than that.

How Should an Idea Be Proposed?

Please do not send us manuscripts unless we ask. If you have already completed the adventure you want to tell us about, please email [email protected] with:

  • A one-paragraph proposal outlining the story
  • The proposed first paragraph of your story
  • Brief details of how you undertook your journey, including any technical and geographical information – we need to check our facts when we publish
  • You MUST have wonderful photography and please include 5 low-resolution images to give a flavour of your trip (if emailing, your whole message should not be larger than 2MB)
  • Feel free to include any relevant experience you have, with links to/cuttings from previously published stories if possible
  • Submissions must be in English and unpublished elsewhere
What Does Sidetracked Look For in Writing Style?

There are no limitations on style, as long as the writing is exciting and engaging, although a sense of adventure should be at the heart of every Sidetracked feature. For us, it is all about telling a great story and inspiring through dramatic events, compelling characters and the texture we feel in the smallest details. Above all, we want our stories to inspire!

It would help if you made yourself familiar with the style, tone and content of Sidetracked, and were aware of recent articles to ensure your chosen subject had not been covered in the past year or so.

As a guide we tend to like articles of about 1500-2000 words but always happy to look at longer and shorter pieces too. The stories should focus on the personal experience of adventure rather than the technical details and we often find that focusing on one particular event or phase in the journey works very well. We know some trips are so epic, and often very long, that to even consider cramming it all into 2,000 words seems impossible (and even disingenuous) so please don’t try, and instead concentrate on a smaller aspect of your journey.

We do read all submissions but as we are a small team, please bear with us and we do our best to reply to you within two months.

Please note: We work extremely hard alongside our contributors to bring you the very best stories from across the world of adventure travel. Hence we politely wish to ask other websites and publications to refrain from cloning our content without prior expressed permission from Sidetracked. The featuring of Sidetracked-edited content is strictly forbidden, and we ask that all work first appearing on the Sidetracked website be credited as such with a link to the original story.

Please email your proposal or idea to [email protected]