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Produced in Partnership with Pro Ecuador & Quito Turismo

For its size, Ecuador is the most biodiverse country on the planet, but beyond its wild jungles and gargantuan volcanoes, beyond the Pacific swell and the colonial charm, are its people, a kaleidoscope of culture that shines as brightly as any of its skies.

In Ecuador there is much to revere. From colonial city streets to the cloud forests, between volcanic basins and into humid jungles, to its crashing shores and the effervescent Galapagos. Yet the most important lessons are learned from its people, eager to re-affirm their Incan, Mestizo, Montubio and Amerindian origins. To explore Ecuador, is to experience a deeply privileged insight into a country where land equals life.

Photos by Dorian Lloyd: @dorianlloyd // Video by Nick Lloyd:

Produced in partnership with Pro Ecuador and Quito Turismo