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Body of Water

Body of Water

A Film By Sequence 13 // Photography by Scott M Salt

‘All you can do in very cold water is let go. Let go of the day before and the day ahead. Of ego and expectation. Of what is going to happen in the next few moments when the sharp cold takes hold.’ – Gilly McArthur

The documentary, Body Of Water, spends a winter following wild swimmer Gilly McArthur on her mental and physical journey to seek out remote, icy waters. From the windswept mountain tarns of her home in the Lake District to frozen lochs in the Scottish Highlands, one thing is clear, the search for ice is not as easy as it used to be.

Diving straight into the heart and mindset of the cold water swimmer, this film provides a window into a world that many can’t comprehend, illustrating why this niche pastime is so compelling and full of joy for those who are bold enough to try it.

Final Online Screening: 3rd December 19:30GMT.

Body of Water Body of Water Body of Water
Photography: Scott M Salt

Gilly shows us that despite the intensity of the experience, winter swimming has a softer, gentler side. Immersed in the beauty of the water and its surrounding landscape, this somewhat brutal pastime can be meditative, and empowering too. Laying bare the simple joy derived from connection with the natural world, Body Of Water illustrates one woman’s way of finding peace in an ever-changing, frantic world.

It’s a kind of meditation – a portal to a dreamlike state of involuntarily attention to the now. The water is always familiar, yet each time its character is also so unswervingly unique that experiencing it brings me instantly back to what it means to be alive.

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Film by: Sequence 13
Directed by: Scott M Salt & Benjamin Paul
Photography: Scott M Salt
Soundtrack & Sound Design: Oli Kilpatrick
Colourist: Alex Allen
Featuring: Gilly McArthur

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