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Finland – Into The True Wild Nature

Finland – Into The True Wild Nature
‘Unspoiled cliffs, clear lakes, frothing rivers and wild animals. There is no other place where I have felt so in contact with nature than in the heart of the wild Finnish taiga. Whether you are an outdoor lover or not, let yourself go and breathe through magnificent hiking locations to see wild animals in the endless Taiga forest.’ – Oliver Astrologo

Filmmaker Oliver Astrologo accompanied the popular Finnish wildlife photographer Konsta Punkka as he attempts to capture new shots of Finland’s “Big Five” – wolf, brown bear, elk, lynx and wolverine.

Finland – Into The True Wild Nature Finland – Into The True Wild Nature

Film by Oliver Astrologo in collaboration with
Mercedes Benz // Visit Finland // OSK. For more films by Oliver visit:

Photography by Konsta Punkka // Instagram: @kpunkka






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