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KEEN launches Better Takes Action boat tour

KEEN launches Better Takes Action boat tour

Outdoor brand KEEN has launched its inaugural Better Takes Action Boat Tour. Along with project partners Plastic Whale, KEEN will take a bespoke boat made from recycled Amsterdam canal waste to European cities this summer to raise awareness of sustainability issues and inspire fans of the brand to get outside and protect outdoor spaces together. During the tour, people are invited to join the brand and crew the vessel on a plastic ‘fishing’ excursion to help clean up polluted waterways. What is recovered will be recycled and repurposed for a future life courtesy of Plastic Whale.

KEEN will be working with one of its ambassadors, the record-breaking paddleboarder Cal Major, founder of Paddle Against Plastic and inspirational campaigner who aims to inspire others to care for the environment through adventure. Cal will be accompanying KEEN during all legs of their Better Takes Action Boat Tour this summer, offering an opportunity to learn more from the inspirational ambassador about how communities and individuals can work together to take action to tackle plastic pollution at source.

KEEN launches Better Takes Action boat tour

Marketing Director Perry Laukens, KEEN EMEA said: ‘Preserving and protecting the places where people work and play in the outdoors has always been at the heart of who we are as a brand, so we are thrilled to be working with partners like Plastic Whale and Cal Major, who share so many of our values.

‘Over the years we have endeavoured to always lead by example, supporting and engaging with a variety of interventions including beach and mountain cleanups and donating funds and products for disaster relief across the world.

‘We hope through the Better Takes Action Boat Tour we can encourage and foster environmental actionism – and in particular by aiming to work with children and young people during the tour, KEEN can also help to nurture a future generation of planet stewards.’

The series kicked off on April 5th in KEEN’s European home, the Netherlands, and saw the boat making its maiden voyage on Amsterdam’s canals.

The KEEN boat will now set sail for several destinations across Europe during spring and summer 2019, including:
· Germany, Hamburg, 22nd June
· Germany, Munich, 30th June
· UK, London, 13th July
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