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A Film by Ted Simpson and James Aiken // Photography by Ted Simpson

‘It’s an often unappreciated aspect of our Northern European position on the planet, the transition between the seasons, and the celestial orientation that gives us the long, light summer evenings also brings in the darkness as autumn turns to winter.’ – James Aiken

Nocturne is the reimagining of the way we interact with the darkness. As our worlds, once again, are restricted to the familiarity of our immediate surroundings, nautical nomad James Aiken looks to embrace the natural spaces around him, searching for a more connected relationship with the outdoors – not limited by the light.

Nocturne Nocturne
‘I’ve always enjoyed the hours of night more than the daytime whilst sailing, the heightened relationship with the experience and the mystery that exists under the shroud of darkness, and try to maintain that approach through all the things I live doing.’ – James Aiken

As the trails, crags, beaches and harbours empty at dusk, James finds himself in a far more personal and connected state of mind, where the senses operate in a deeper way, creating a meditative journey through a landscape you may otherwise already know so well.


James Aiken // @james_aiken
Ted Simpson // // @justtrek // @isola__ted
Special Thanks to Emily Ackner, Lauren Williams and Jeff Allen



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