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On Cloudrock Edge Raw

On Cloudrock Edge Raw

Swiss brand On releases its most sustainable shoe to date, the Cloudrock Edge Raw, a limited edition hiking boot made with more than 80% recycled materials.
Written By Harriet Osborne // Photography by On

Sustainability has been at the heart of On from the very beginning. Born in the Swiss Alps surrounded by glaciers, the brand is committed to exploring sustainable solutions in the high performance space.

On’s founders, Olivier Bernhard, David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti, set out to change the world of running while hiking in the Switzerland in 2010. The brand has since been embraced by millions and become known for revolutionising the sensation of running thanks to its patented CloudTec® technology. Soft landings followed by explosive take-offs, or as they like to put it, ‘running on clouds’.

On has taken CloudTec® and used it in their most sustainable shoe to date, the Cloudrock Edge Raw, a limited edition hiking boot combining recycled materials and trademark technology with a stripped back and raw design.

With all the features of its predecessor, the Cloudrock Waterproof, the Cloudrock Edge Raw marks a milestone in the brand’s journey to sustainability and drive to eliminate petrol-based materials in their production processes.

On Cloudrock Edge Raw On Cloudrock Edge Raw

The boot’s bright white design is achieved without dye or bleach to eliminate water waste and potential pollution from conventional dyes. The upper is made from 90% recycled polyester with a waterproof membrane made from 50% recycled polyurethane.

The sole delivers superior balance and momentum thanks to CloudTec®, a four-layer system of responsive Helion™ superfoam, aggressive Missiongrip™, ultra-light Zero Gravity Foam and durable Rebound Rubber.

The Cloudrock Edge Raw is breathable, comfortable and practical. A high collar, padded liner and reinforced tongue provide robust ankle support while keeping debris out. Also, a FlexLock system gives you the option to tie your shoes in one pull or to lock the lace, tightening the lower and upper section of the boot separately.

The boot weighs just 470g, which lends itself to long and lightweight adventures. On’s Missiongrip™ provides stability on soft ground and traction on wet rocks while the double layer of foam absorbs impact for pain free downhill hiking.

In spite of its pristine colourway, this boot is made with alpine adventures in mind. Mirroring the beauty of the alps with less impact on the environment it’s been built for. It’s fair to say, we’re excited by this innovative and creative boot. Our initial tests have been positive and the Sidetracked team are looking forward to trying it out further on some post-lockdown adventures.

For more information, visit and follow On on Instagram @on_running
Written by Harriet Osborne // @harrietosborne. Photography supplied by On.