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Pioneer’s Route

Pioneer’s Route

A film by Klättermusen

Pioneer’s Route is a short film retracing Gudmund Söderin’s adventure with his daughter Nanna in Sylarna, North Sweden, 40 years after going there for the first time by himself.

There is no journey without the growth that goes with it, especially when you share it with your family. These moments will stay in our minds forever, and, particularly in these challenging times, we will never forget what we learned about ourselves while pushing our limits.

In this eight-minute short film, Gudmund Söderin, a former Olympic alpine skier, comes back to Sylarna in North Sweden. It’s a trip that he first completed 40 years before, but this time he travels with his daughter Nanna, a climber and instructor. Her friends Hampus Mosesson, who is a former pro snowboarder, and Joakim Johansson, a freeskier, also join them for this adventure.

Pioneer’s Route

The film dives into Gudmund’s beliefs and how the route has changed since his first visit – and will change in future – while plunging us into breathtaking mountain scenery. Gudmund explains all the aspects of his trip, from the preparation and the trust he put into it, to the mental strength and the growth he received from going there. ‘Every generation has its path. Even when following in the footsteps of predecessors, one’s individual experience is always unique. Landscapes change, equipment evolves, and the conditions are nothing if not unpredictable.’

Film and photography by Klattermüsen // @klattermusen
Written by Marie Audemard // @marieaudemard



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