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Sami: The Death Road

Sami: The Death Road

High-Altitude Gravel Biking in Bolivia
A Columbia Ground Control Project // Photography by Mark Chase

‘I bring joy, a smile, energy – even if some days are harder than others. And learning, a lot of learning between each other. That’s part of my goal too: inspiring people to travel like I do and change their life.’ —Sami Sauri

Life explorer Sami Sauri compares the ups and downs of adventure to the ups and downs of everyday life. As Sami sets off to discover the high-altitude gravel rounds surrounding La Paz, Bolivia, she starts to wonder if she’s bitten off more than she can chew.

Sami: The Death Road Sami: The Death Road Sami: The Death Road Sami: The Death Road Sami: The Death Road Sami: The Death Road

Multi-sports adventure is how Sami Sauri sees her life, combining her passions so that no matter who or where you are, you can discover the beautiful world through sports. Now, from her combined point of view – bike rider and movie maker – she invites people to test themselves and to look at the world with a new perspective.

As soon as she was introduced to cycling, Sami Sauri never looked back. For her, it was a new way to discover the world through her own power. To meet people differently, to live unique experiences – and at her own pace. With just the strength of your legs, a bicycle can take you a long way. For Sami, her bicycle is her freedom.

During her travels she developed a sharp sense of aesthetics. Soon photography and video became new means of expression. Tired of the pressure of competition, and motivated by the desire to move forward at her own pace, Sami launched a production company: Schmart Collective. At the core of this creative film and photography production is one clear angle of approach. Sami is passionate about the sport and human stories that she feels compelled to share.

In the film Death Road, we follow Sami’s journey along Bolivia’s infamous Death Road – probably the most famous road in the world. It’s a raw and sincere experience where we see Sami evolve in an environment as magical as it is hostile. Death Road is the portrait of a strong yet vulnerable woman whose endurance and perseverance will be put to the test as she cycles one of the most dangerous roads on Earth.

‘My goal is to inspire people to discover the outdoors, and travel the world, without any idea of performance. And, of course, discovering oneself – each time I travel, I discover something about me.’ —Sami

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