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The Last Great Climb

Photography from Alastair Lee

The Last Great Climb - Photo by Alastair LeeThe Last Great Climb - Photo by Alastair LeeThe Last Great Climb - Photo by Alastair LeeThe Last Great Climb - Photo by Alastair LeeThe Last Great Climb - Photo by Alastair LeeLast-Great-Climb-07
The Last Great Climb from Alastair Lee is an epic to end all mountain epics set in the stunning mountains of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. The feature documentary follows top adventure climber Leo Houlding with his tried and tested team of Jason Pickles and Sean ‘Stanley’ Leary as they attempt to make the first ascent of the NE ridge of ‘the master piece of the range’; the majestic Ulvetanna Peak (2931m). One of the most technically demanding climbs in one of the world’s harshest environments.

The films tells the story of a climber’s life long dream reach one of the world’s most remote and difficult summits interweaved with the fascinating story of the mountain itself, which incredibly was only discovered in 1994. All set against the backdrop of the current age of mountaineering where few great lines remained unclimbed. Every inch of this daring journey is captured by multi-award winner Alastair Lee as we get to know the redoubtable and hilarious team. The team experience unprecedentedly good weather but eventually the harsh conditions begin to grind them down as inevitably the conditions become ‘less favourable’ whilst they attempt to defy the odds and complete the climb.

On Friday the 15th November, 8:30pm, The Last Great Climb will be screened at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival with an extended extended introduction by expedition leader Leo Houlding and then a special behind the scenes presentation by film maker Alastair Lee.

Alastair Lee
Film maker and climber Alastair Lee has spent the past 20 years pursuing rocks and mountains around the world. His genuine passion for the mountain environment is best expressed through his superb photography and innovative film work. Alastair has climbed in all seven of the world’s continents and has also written and published two climbing guide-books and five photographic books.
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