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Myrtilles, Mushrooms & High Mountain Pastures

Presented by Kieran Creevy
A Film by Myles Judd | Photography by Claire Burge

“Walking away from the chalet in the crisp morning air, our packs positively bulge with alpine gear, not to mention home-cured hams, tangy mountain cheese, fruit syrups and spirits. A sharp whistle heralds our arrival into the valley. High in the Alps, it can only mean the presence of a marmot family. Sure enough, some careful scanning reveals the fat, furry body perched on a rocky outcrop, observing our every move as we make camp.”

In Spring this year the Sidetracked team, led by our outdoor chef Kieran Creevy, spent a few days in the French Alps, enjoying the mountains, the beautiful weather and sampling some of Kieran’s very tasty wild cooking recipes using the incredible local produce. Read the full story in Sidetracked Volume Two and look out for the full recipes here on Sidetracked soon.

Alpine Adventures – Wild Cooking