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A Canoe Perspective

A Canoe Perspective

A Film by Jamie Barnes

Finding purpose, identity and perspective through canoe expeditions

In May 2022, British adventure filmmaker Jamie Barnes travelled to Scotland with Canadian long-distance canoe paddler Martin Trahan. They aimed to paddle a small but formidable route, but a series of tribulations made their expedition even more challenging. This film documents their journey whilst exploring the reasons why canoeing is more than just a form of recreation but a way of finding purpose, identity, and perspective in an ever-changing world.

A Canoe Perspective A Canoe Perspective A Canoe Perspective A Canoe Perspective
‘Our modern lives can sometimes make us too methodical, and analytical. But the flow of nature doesn’t work like that; the wind and the water are ever-changing and do not conform to the plans we make. Canoeing teaches you to let go and be more present in the moment.’ – Jamie Barnes

Film by Jamie Barnes // @jamiebarnesuk
Featuring Martin Trahan // @martin_trahan_canoeist

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