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A New Beginning

A New Beginning

We’re so pleased to finally be able to bring you the brand new and improved Sidetracked site. As part of our quest to bring you inspiration from some of the most engaging endeavours out there we’ve spent the past few months working on a new site that addresses the feedback and suggestions from our readers. Today sees the launch of Edition 10, and a milestone relaunch of our site. And we’re really rather proud.

Alongside our full length stories, the editions now include shorter articles, interviews and photo stories. The editions will be much more frequent and we’ll be bringing the earlier editions into the site too. We’ve made the site far easier to read on ipads and mobiles (and look out for our app later this year).

Check out our new sections in the site. Explore allows you to view the articles by continent, adventure or even mode of transport. Survive is the new ‘Behind the Scenes’ and will grow to be our resource area for Sidetracked Guides, gear reviews and more destination inspiration to get you out there. We’ve even got the first in a new series called Cooking Wild from Keiran Creevy which takes campfire cooking to the next level. All of the stuff that you loved from the previous Behind the Scenes site will be making an appearance in this section soon.

In this news section we’ll be bringing you weekly updates from the adventures and expeditions community.

We’ll be tinkering, developing and growing the new Sidetracked site in the coming months and working on Sidetracked in print too. For us, this is the start of a new journey. We hope you’ll tag along.






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