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A Time To Remember

A Time To Remember

A film by Ben Page, James Hamer and Sam Oakes

‘I remember the anticipation, setting out on a crisp winter’s morning, young and unsure I needed teaching. I guess that some people find answers in the artist’s brush or the composer’s score. But for me, life taught its greatest lessons in the mountains.’

A Time To Remember is a film that follows the imagined journey of an older man through the Scottish highlands in winter, told through the lens of his memories. The idea for the film was actually inspired by the writing of the mid-century Scottish mountaineer and author W H Murray. The writing of his most widely known work, Mountaineering in Scotland, is a fascinating story. Murray was held in a POW camp during World War Two and during that time he used whichever scraps of paper he could find, typical toilet roll, to write a history of his own exploits in the Scottish mountains, not knowing whether he will have the chance to see them again.

The result is a beautifully evocative piece which brushes with nostalgia and rose-tinted memories, and the life affirming joys of heading out into the hills. A Time To Remember reimagines this sentiment through the narration of a fictionalised older man as he remembers, by the fireside, a youth spent roaming the Scottish wilderness.

A Time To Remember A Time To Remember A Time To Remember
‘My memories of those days were formed in a youthful revolt, amid such forgotten places. But now they serve as sanctuaries. Seeds that I sowed long ago which I now savour. My glasses may be a little rose tinted, but it’s sweeter that way. There aren’t many more mountains for me on the horizon, but I know I’m a lucky man, I got the chance to view life very much in its proper perspective.’

A film by Ben Page, James Hamer and Sam Oakes.
Narrated by Ron Livingstone
The film is kindly supported by RossMonster Vans.






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