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Circle Of The Sun

Circle Of The Sun

A film by Inigo Grasset and Lena Stoffel

The sun rises in the ocean behind the mountains. It almost draws a circle until it sets again into the ocean. Mountains drop right into the sea. Sometimes it seems they melt together and touch.

The short film ‘Circle of the Sun’ takes you on an almost surreal journey in Norway, through a single, magical day of skiing and surfing for athletes Lena Stoffel and Daniel Schießl. It’s a visually stunning film, encapsulating the magic of the experience and Arctic Norway, set to Lena’s words.

The days would start the day with a perfect surf in the cold arctic sea and end at last light on top of a mountain.

‘Surfing in the arctic can be really harsh’, recalls Lena. ‘It’s cold and windy, but we were blessed with beautiful perfect small waves and sunshine. It was insanely beautiful and was such an amazing feeling to be paddling out in these extreme conditions. You experience nature in a way that makes you feel very alive!’

Circle Of The Sun Circle Of The Sun Circle Of The Sun
‘There are so many moments of that trip which stand out, and where we had tears in our eyes. Surfing empty perfect waves with good friends, standing on top of the highest peak of the island looking out to a sunset on a glass ocean, or the six orcas swimming passed our camping spot… Moments I will never forget. Everything just worked out perfectly.’ – Lena Stoffel
Circle Of The Sun Circle Of The Sun Circle Of The Sun Circle Of The Sun Circle Of The Sun

Produced by Lena Stoffel and Inigo Grasset
Filmed by Inigo Grasset
Additional cinematography Daniel Schießl
Athletes: Lena Stoffel // Daniel Schießl
Music by Rory J Williams





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