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Conscious Living: In Conversation with Philly Stokes

Conscious Living: In Conversation with Philly Stokes

Stories Behind the Gear: Good Hemp
Written by Marie Audemard

We sit down with Philly Stokes, Good Hemp Ambassador, artist, and yoga teacher based in Cornwall to learn what conscious living means to her and how Good Hemp’s products are helping her connecting deeper to the earth.

Sidetracked: You’re a surfer, artist, yoga teacher and advocate for conscious living. What does this way of life mean to you?
Philly: I think for me it’s all about connection. All these things I do are ways of connecting back to myself, my creativity, intuition and feeling the energy of the earth. It’s the way that I stay grounded. It’s not that much about things that I choose to do, it’s more stuff that I need to do to function daily.

How does conscious living impact the choices you make daily?
Oh wow, it impacts everything. From the products I am using every day – cleaning products, shampoos, conditioners, skincare, the food I’m eating, to the way I’m interacting with other people, the work I am doing. I try to be conscious about everything I do. So, I always question myself: does this feel right for me? Does this feel right for the earth?

Why is the environment important to you on a personal level?
I think when you’re someone that spends a lot of time in the sea, or if you spend a lot of time in nature, then you rely on it mentally and physically. It’s a mental release for me and it’s also where I go to play, to surf, to exercise. It just becomes the most important thing in your life and without ocean, nature, or open spaces I feel completely disconnected. I know that my body needs nature for it to feel at its best, and mentally I need it to feel calm and connected.

Conscious Living: In Conversation with Philly Stokes Conscious Living: In Conversation with Philly Stokes Conscious Living: In Conversation with Philly Stokes

You also work very closely with Good Hemp. How does the brand align with your values?
Firstly, hemp is an incredible plant, one of the most sustainable out there. It is incredible for the earth and our health. Good Hemp is raising awareness of these benefits, and how we need to be growing more of it. It’s also really making a choice to become environmentally friendly, to become a zero-waste factory. It doesn’t use pesticides because the plant just grows so well. Also, none of the plant goes to waste as every single part of the plant gets used. I guess that’s what the world needs: better health and a better planet.

Can you tell us a little more about hemp and why is it good for you? Who is it for?
Hemp is full of nutrients. It’s full of proteins, omegas, and vitamins as well – especially vitamin E. So for us, it’s incredibly rich and for the earth, it’s fantastic as well. The roots of a hemp plant replenish the soil’s nutrients, which is something amazing because through farming and other activities we just really kill these nutrients. Hemp also brings in more carbon dioxide than the trees. It’s an incredible environmentally friendly plant for anyone who wants it.

I use it in lots of different ways. Good Hemp has this thing called hemp oil which I put in all my meals, my salads, my pasta, and it’s a really good source of omegas. The brand also makes a protein powder which I put in my smoothies in the mornings. I don’t drink dairy milk so I use hemp milk in my teas, and at any other time I need milk. And then CBD, which is an extract from the hemp plant – I take that daily. It helps me sleep better, I have less anxiety, and I just feel a lot calmer. It helps with a lot of muscle tensions as well. Also, I am vegan, so I use the hemp oil which gives me my much-needed omegas (vegans tend to miss out on them). It was helpful to be able to reincorporate them back in to my diet without having to eat meat or fish. It’s also a really good source of protein for me.

Conscious Living: In Conversation with Philly Stokes Conscious Living: In Conversation with Philly Stokes Conscious Living: In Conversation with Philly Stokes

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to live more sustainably? Where would you start?
I would say that you should start questioning everything you’re doing, what you’re using. Question where it comes from, where it ends up. Do you need it? Could you use something else? I think once you become more aware and you know these things you can then take steps to make your choices more conscious. It doesn’t have to be all at once, you can try little things like swapping dairy milk for hemp milk, or toilet paper for bamboo, which are much more sustainable options.

Are there any environmental goals that you are currently working towards?
I am trying to use fewer chemicals in my life, but the ones that I always struggle with are cleaning products because I love things to be clean. I think it would be great to have more natural cleaners in supermarkets. It is kind of getting better, but we need more.

Find out more about Good Hemp and their extensive product range via and find them on Instagram @goodhemp.
You can find out more about Philly Stokes via her website: and on Instagram @philly.stokes. Written by Marie Audemard.



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