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Fourpure and Sidetracked present Alastair Humphreys + films

Fourpure and Sidetracked present Alastair Humphreys + films Photo by Chris Herwig

Fourpure Brewing Co. & Sidetracked Magazine are holding the second of the ‘Inspired By Adventure’ Speaker Series to held at the Fourpure taproom. Alastair Humphreys will be presenting ‘Microadventure’, a talk that will challenge you to hatch your own adventure plan and encourage you to take the first steps to actually make it happen. Sidetracked Magazine will be curating a range of short adventure films. It will take place at Fourpure Brewery’s taproom in Bermondsey, London, on Friday June 24. The price is £5 and includes a beer.

Alastair Humphreys is a British adventurer, author and blogger. He spent over four years cycling round the world, a journey of 46,000 miles through 60 countries and five continents.

More recently Alastair has walked across southern India, rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, run six marathons through the Sahara desert, completed a crossing of Iceland, and participated in an expedition in the Arctic, close to the magnetic North Pole. He has trekked 1000 miles across the Empty Quarter desert and 120 miles round the M25 – one of his pioneering microadventures. He was named as one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the year for 2012.


The doors open at 5pm. The films will start at 7pm. Alastair Humphreys will talk at 8pm. Ticket price of £5 includes a can of Fourpure beer and they are available here.

Fourpure and Sidetracked present Alastair Humphreys + films