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London Mountain Film Festival 2021

London Mountain Film Festival 2021 Photo: From the film 'Mighty Waters'

An online celebration of breathtaking movie masterpieces where the human spirit embraces the challenges and beauty of the natural world.

London Mountain Film Festival Virtual 2021 is set to showcase some of the world’s best outdoor and adventure films as it returns this spring. For two weeks, from May 15th – 31st, 2021, viewers can gain unlimited access to over 40 inspiring films, book previews, and behind-the-scenes interviews through the festival’s website.

‘I’m excited, honoured, and grateful to all the filmmakers, authors, and athletes who have trusted us with their incredible work,’ says festival director Greg Hackett. ‘LMFF Virtual is an intense two-week online celebration of that wonderful space where the human spirit embraces the challenges of the natural world.’

LMFF Virtual 2021 will cover a variety of topics from climbing to surfing, polar exploration to cycling to reflect the wide and diverse nature of the world. To help viewers navigate the collection and pick out the best there will be a ‘Film of the Day’ in addition to curated sessions around various themes with intriguing titles such as ‘Wonder Women’ and ‘Armchair Adrenaline’.

Seven awards will be given out. In addition to Best Mountain Film, Best Action Film, Best Short Film, Best Cinematography, and Best Living World Film, there will also be a Festival Wildcard – which goes to a film or person that breaks the mould – and the People’s Choice Award, which viewers can vote for via the LMFF website. Winners will be announced at the end of the festival, with prizes supplied by outdoor brands and partners.

Greg adds, ‘We seek out films and books that touch everyone – not just those already familiar with whatever sport or activity is being highlighted. We hope that everyone will get involved in the spirit of the festival, get their friends and family involved, vote for their favourite films, and most importantly get inspired to have their own adventures!’

London Mountain Film Festival 2021 London Mountain Film Festival 2021
Photos: From the films 'Cold Feet', 'Durga - Forging a New Trail', 'The Long Today', 'Social Distancing', 'Passages'

Festival highlights include: 


Follow rock climber Peter Naituli as he pushes boundaries in this ultimate test of strength and resilience. Watch with bated breath as he embarks on a journey to scale the 4,887m Point John on Mount Kenya. With no rope or shoes, Peter risks it all in pursuit of human endurance. Directed by Kenyan-Australian filmmaker Ash Mulama; this is his debut feature-length documentary.


Meet three fearless surfers, Elizabeth Clyne, Katie McAnena, and Shauna Ward, as they share stories about their unwavering relationship with the Atlantic Ocean. Produced, shot, and edited by Irish filmmaker and surfer Alice Ward, who illustrates the grace and grit they bring to the sport from an insightfully artistic perspective.


A claustrophobic journey into the depths of the Tatra Mountains in Poland. The Tough follows an unnamed character’s every move as he navigates through confined spaces in wild caves. Uncomfortable and addictive, the film carries meanings of resilience, strength, and courage. Written and directed by Polish filmmaker Marcin Polar, who specialises in filming in extreme conditions, often using mountaineering, aerial, and underwater techniques.


Three ambitious women from the north to the south of Quebec, Canada, take on a multisport expedition following the Koroc River in Nunavik. Travelling together against adversity, the journey soon becomes one of self-discovery. Passages is directed by award-winning Canadian filmmaker Florence Pelletier, who has showcased her films at festivals all over the world, and renowned adventure filmmaker Caroline Côté, who specialises in filming in remote locations and extreme conditions.


A ride of discovery through the shared experiences of a group of classic cyclists. Soul of a Cyclist uncovers the values that are so often lost in modern society: the importance of friendship, looking after our environment, and valuing moments over material objects. The aim is to achieve a happier, simpler, and more fulfilled life. Written, directed, and produced by Portuguese filmmaker Nuno Tavares, who is passionate about living with no regrets.

For more information and to book tickets, see and follow them on Instagram @londonmountainfilm. Written by Harriet Osborne // @harrietosborne



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