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Perfecto Mundo

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Perfecto Mundo

Stefano Ghisolfi climbs 9B+

Perfecto Mundo is an extreme 30-metre Catalonian route that defines the limits of sport climbing. It’s a brutal and unforgiving line that, in parts, allows the use of nothing more than a single middle finger. And it’s a challenge that only a tiny and select group of the world’s greatest climbers has ever conquered. Recently, Stefano Ghisolfi earned his membership to this elite club too, sending a perfect repetition of this 9b+ punisher after a solid 32 days at the crag, a year of training, trial, error… and a lot of intense preparation for his all-important middle finger.

Perfecto Mundo Perfecto Mundo

Ghisolfi believes it’s an achievement that wouldn’t be possible without the work and support of others. ‘I can finally join the 9b+ club of Adam Ondra, Chris Sharma and Alexander Megos. Without them it wouldn’t be possible to push this limit further to this level. I want to thank Chris Chris for bolting this beautiful (and hard) route, thanks Alex for climbing this route for the first time and made me realize it was possible, and obviously thanks to Sara Grippo, the best supporter who was with me in every condition imaginable.’






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