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Photo by Dan Barham | Words by Seb Kemp

We boarded a Twin Otter airplane and ascended towards the valleys and clefts of the Mustang district. I watched the shadow of our plane – worryingly sharp and close to life-sized – flicker over rocks, lines of prayer flags and straggling walls made of rough, round boulders. The Lower Mustang Valley was a landscape of windswept, naked rock and barren gravel. Grey, black and utterly white mountains rose beyond.

Descending into the lower valley, more vegetation began to flourish, leaves so thick and deeply green as to almost be black. Then the valley wriggled, dog-legged, and tightened until walls stood up much straighter and the immense height of the gorge could only be guessed and not eyed.

We weren’t pioneers, pirates or explorers plundering the delights of a new land. Anyone can do exactly what we did…

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Dan Barham

Originally from Manchester, UK, but now living on Vancouver’s North Shore, Dan works as a photographer, cinematographer and film-maker for numerous editorial and commercial clients across the globe.

With a strong background in mountain biking and other outdoor sports yet able to work in all fields of photography, he captures natural, authentic images which blend artistic visuals with astute story-telling. Since 2008, Dan has enjoyed a position as one of BIKE magazine’s select few Senior Photographers.
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