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St. Anton am Arlberg

Time To Breathe

With a walking trail network of more than 300km, St Anton am Arlberg, high in the Tirolean Alps, is one of the most beautiful Austrian hiking and mountaineering destinations.

Walks Of Life

The awe-inspiring beauty of the sublime surrounding mountain ranges captivates and inspires residents and visitors to anchor their experiences in nature. St. Anton am Arlberg is an eclectic mix of old and new, traditional and modern, past and present in unexpected ways. This is especially true when temperatures start to climb and the snow gradually melts away. St. Anton am Arlberg, the birthplace of alpine skiing, reveals boundless opportunities for mountaineers and walkers of all levels.

One amazing way to enjoy this area is the St. Anton Summer Card, free of charge with your first overnight stay from your host. It is valid until your day of departure and provides you with a bevy of activities in the region including cable cars, a guided hiking tour, a children’s programme and much, much more.

Village Life

St. Anton am Arlberg has been shaped by the people that call it home and by the majestic mountain environment that surrounds it. The old village has evolved into a modern resort that provides a healthy lifestyle for locals and guests. No wonder, then, it was voted as the most liveable village in Europe in the Entente Florale competition.

Hiking For All

Whether it is a gentle 3.5km amble around the Arlberg village of Schnann im Stanzertal that follows the ‘Faith and History’ trail with 13 stations, each telling stories from Tirolean history, or the longer Galzig Panorama Trail, reached by a new cable car, there is a wealth of options. Cable cars can also whisk visitors to Rendl, Gampen and Kapall mountains, as well as the highest in the area, the 2,811m Valluga. Once at the top, walkers can choose from a wide variety of walks and refreshments in quaint mountain lodges. Those who prefer walking in company can join one of the guided tours.



Heartbeat Moment: Kurt Tschiderer – Local historian in Pettneu am Arlberg

When Kurt Tschiderer shows visitors around the Nessler Taja hut, there is no doubting that this is a project close to his heart. He spent three years restoring the hut previously used by farmers to milk cattle. Today, guests can experience what life used to be like living and working up in the mountains.


Wheels Keep Turning