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A Film By Franz Walter
Athletes: Matthias Scherer and Tanja Schmitt

“In ice climbing you have to find your own velocity – it is fundamental to find the right balance between waiting and observing, and then leaping into action. Ephemeral ice lines will often be climbable on very few days – sometimes just one day”

Matthias Scherer and Tanja Schmitt are fully committed ice climbers who have been living in Cogne, Italy for the past ten years. The area is a place with a rare density of high quality ice routes: a perfect playground to forge their skills for their hard ice ascents all around the world.

Velocity is a short film about the personal story of these two amazing athletes. Shot by German photographer and film maker Franz Walter it revolves around the matter of time. Like water time is fluid, expanding, contracting and sometimes even freezing for a brief, special moment. It is this deeply personal space in between flow and standstill that Velocity aims to explore. So sit back and enjoy a few moments of pure artistic ice time.

“In ice climbing your decisions are crucial – once you are engaged in a hard climb there is no room for doubt. I love the focus you gain in these situations and the increased velocity of your senses. The terrifying beauty of ice has fascinated me since my early childhood, and there isn’t a day that I don’t think about it”
Velocity – An Ice Climbing Film by Arc'teryxIce Climbing in Cogne, ItalyArc'teryx Athletes Tanja Schmitt & Matthias Scherer

A Film by Franz Walter
Cameraman: Hans Hornberger
Athletes:Tanja Schmitt & Matthias Scherer
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