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The Adventure Fund

Forge your own trail

The Sidetracked Adventure Fund is back for 2022. Supported in part by the Sidetracked Creators Tour, the grant is designed to support individuals or groups who display a creative and innovative approach towards adventurous travel and expeditioning. We are looking for personal stories of exploration, meaningful journeys, and unique, self-powered experiences.

Applications will be accepted throughout February. The winner will be announced on 25th March 2022.

What we’re offering

• £1,500 towards costs of your expedition
• Access to the Sidetracked team of experienced athletes, photographers, and writers. We’ll be on hand to help with your journey from planning stage to the storytelling when you’re safely back home
• Assistance with equipment support from our brand sponsors

How To Apply

The quickest way to apply is via this secure Google form (we keep all details strictly confidential)
Alternatively, if filling in forms isn’t your thing then we welcome alternative creative ideas for submission. Please ensure all of the questions in the form are covered, and submit your file to [email protected].


The Adventure Fund is not available for commercial expeditions or pre-paid tours, including organised charity and fundraising tours. Eligible projects should be entirely self-powered (i.e. not tour-operator led) and can be solo or team journeys. Consideration should be given to ensuring travel is done in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Upon completion of the journey, the successful applicant agrees to share their story exclusively** with Sidetracked, through our online, social, and print channels and live through our Creators Tour (subject to availability). We therefore request that applicants disclose any other sponsors involved in the expedition, and clarify any media obligations they have.

Applicants should propose an original journey that is human-powered. While the journeys are likely to be physically grueling, purposeful adventure and personal stories are what we are seeking – not record attempts or athletic challenges.

Have a look at past winners, and be familiar with Sidetracked magazine to guide your application.

Previous Winners

* We’ll do our absolute best to work with our network of brands to help provide some of the kit you need for your journey, but can’t guarantee that we’ll fulfil your entire wishlist.
** We request exclusivity of content for a period of six months from publication.